2011 Bertone Jaguar B99 GT Concept

At the Geneva motor show for Tony’s offered its vision of what a small of market jaguar sedan could be put the Jaguar B99 concept.
Need to commemorate the B99 years the Italian design house has been in business.
Image result for jaguar b99 GT
Designed by Bertone is chief is on American Michael Robinson to B99 place chiefly surfacing with powerful proportions.
Six cannons fired rear haunch lends itself the Jaguars.
In the C pillars, much more formal than that of the Corinthian design expand except models.
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To B99 also sports a bit of concept car showmanship with its rear-hinged suicide doors and B pillar cabinet despite the physical body caught.
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There’s little else in the way of ornamentation safer the chrome windows around.
Front fender back And jaguar lever on the.
Image result for jaguar b99
For Tony characterize this as a minimalist luxury sedan.
It’s a nice bunch of tradition and modernity.
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That tradition is also in the interior large swaths of wood veneer leather.
The stylish cabin would also help the B99 fan luxury prices.
After Tony is not forgotten the sporting jaguar roots.
In addition to B99, a second more aggressively styled version of the B99 in GT two track is also on the.
 The GT two is lower enforce additional spoilers and wait and would feature hub motors and all four wheels to maximize performance.
Image result for jaguar b99 sports
Image result for jaguar b99 sports
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Image result for jaguar b99 sports
Image result for jaguar b99 sports
Image result for jaguar b99 sports

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