Aprilia SR125 automatic scooter

(Honda Grazia challenger) TVC released in India

Piaggio India has just launched a new TVC for the Aprilia SR125, a brand new automatic scooter that was officially launched just weeks ago. Deliveries of the SR125 have just begun, and the scooter is the most affordable product from Aprilia for the Indian market. It is meant for younger buyers who want something as funky as the bigger engined Aprilia SR150 but at a much more affordable price tag. It’s priced at Rs. 65,310, which makes it about Rs. 4,000 cheaper than the SR150.

The engine is a 125cc, three valve 4 stroke unit that is borrowed from the Vespa range of 125cc retro scooters. On the SR125, this engine produces an identical 9.6 PS of peak power and 9.9 Nm of peak torque.

Image result for Aprilia SR125

Approximately 8.5% and 13% lower than the SR150 respectively. Like the SR150, the smaller engined model gets a CVT automatic gearbox. However, Aprilia doesn’t have a quicker CVT automatic transmission equipped with the ‘Race’ mode yet on the SR125. Competitors to the SR125 include the newly launched TVS NTorq 125 and the Honda Grazia automatic scooters.

Both scooters are cheaper than the SR125, with 60,000 rupee price.

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