look inside Putin’s limousine

Aurus Senat is Russia’s answer to Rolls-Royce

A glitzy presentation at a Moscow motor show saw Russian Trade Minister Denis Manturov help unveil two models from the new “Aurus” brand — the Senat limousine and a smaller Senat sedan. A new state-owned Russian carmaker launched Wednesday a Soviet-influenced luxury vehicle it hopes will lure the domestic super rich away from brands such as Rolls-Royce.

The brand is hoping to attract both wealthy Russians and international customers who currently opt for Western-made models.

“We will not sell this vehicle only in Russia, we will sell it abroad,” the CEO of the Aurus brand, Franz Gerhard Hilgert, said in his presentation.

The price of the model will be “somewhere in between Mercedes and Rolls-Royce”, said Hilgert, who used to represent Daimler Chrysler in Russia.

Aurus Senat: New luxury sedan

Russia unveiled a new luxury sedan at a Moscow motor show and also showed off the Russian-built limousine that President Vladimir Putin took for a televised drive during his swearing-in ceremony in May.


Russia has been trying to reduce its dependence on imported goods and technology, a drive that has gathered speed since Russia was hit by Western sanctions.

Limousine & Putin

The limousine, also built under the Aurus brand, had its first public outing in May when Putin used it instead of his usual Mercedes at his inauguration for a new presidential term, sending a patriotic message of Russian self-sufficiency.


The Aurus series is produced by a Russian research institute known by the acronym NAMI in partnership with Russian carmaker Sollers.


Contracts for commercial orders of Aurus cars would be signed from next month.About 120 Aurus vehicles would be produced next year, adding that the off-road vehicle was expected to enter serial production by the beginning of 2020.

Aurus CEO & Denis Manturov

The limousine is intended to become the heir to the Russian-made ZIL sedans that for decades transported Soviet leaders.

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