Beijing Motor Show 2016 : Chery FV2030 Concept

In Beijing Motor Show 2016 Chery launched new SUV concept FV2030

they create a demo version of the vehicle and unveiled in the Motor Expo

digital painting to know how its look like

aerodynamic design covered by the red sheet, fabulous back lamp

white version of FV2030

primary stem “sketching” of FV2030  SUV

Stylish modern futuristic design shape

the initial 3D design of FV2030

Executing the design

making of the main frame

Body design strips artist

wrapping designing patter

fining touch

attractive color perfection

feel it real

long side wings doors

perfect future SUV

Sci-fi modern interior


44 professional teamwork to archive the mind-blowing concept

Now, time for photography and lighting

perfect stylish modern SUV “FV2030”

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