Faking flying car in china video got viral

In a video that has been on social media

Some posts accompanying the fabricated video indicate that the bizarre incident happened due to a “leaked magnetic field of underground cable or some “invisible force”. I don’t know is that funny or not. Or just a CGI effect. but people are talking about, curious and they’re trying to find out the real truth behind this.

As pointed by the fake news debunking site SM Hoax Slayer, if one watches the video closely, one would notice that the Zebra crossing lines are disappearing.

The video has also been debunked by Chinese news website Shine, which comes under Shanghai Daily – an English-language newspaper.

A report on the website cites the police, as stated on the Chinese social media website Weibo, that the video in question was fabricated.

But the police reportedly pointed out at the various “errors” in the video, including the disappearance of zebra crossings, the thinness of the car wheels, and the strangeness of the wire poles.

but one thing clear is this totally fake and bullsh*t.

whats your view in that comment below.

286 thoughts on “Faking flying car in china video got viral

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