The First 3D Printed Car Hackrod La Bandita Speedster

Accelerated by Siemens, Hackrod will create the world’s first car designed in virtual reality, engineered with AI and 3D printed, full size, in the structural alloy. The ‘La Bandita’ speedster is intended to serve as proof of concept for an entirely new industrial design to production methodology. Hackrod’s factory of the future, powered by the Siemens Digital Innovation Platform, will enable individuals, start-ups and small enterprises the unprecedented capability to create the product or their needs or dreams as easily as playing a video game.


‘La Bandita’ speedster will be our proof of concept. The world’s first car designed in mixed reality, engineered by AI and made at the apex of advanced manufacturing. The ‘vehicle’ (pun intended) that will bring all these disparate and emerging technologies together into a new manufacturing paradigm. Image result for HACKROD LA BANDITA SPEEDSTER

Once we prove out the concept with a ‘concierge’ process we will quickly move to automate key tasks… bringing the vision of consumer as co-creator vehicle design much closer to reality.


 California-based digital manufacturing company Hackrod plans to offer car templates to customers, or accept their own ideas, to design and print their own dream car with the support of tried technology. Cloud-based solutions will handle everything from component sourcing to hardware integration. Customers will be kept up to date with the manufacturing process, watching how their dream cars get born in virtual reality. Before production starts, they can even test the car in a video game simulator. At the very end, parts are ordered, and the car is built before their very eyes. Hackrod is working hard at achieving this goal and is currently producing this first prototype, the spectacular La Bandita Speedster. This is the world’s first virtual reality-designed, 3D-printed automobile, and you can preorder yours on the Hackrod inventions, worlds first, BBC news, 3d printed, 3d printer, 3d print, la bandita, printing (industry), 3d printing (invention), la bandita speedster, worlds first level 100 fortnite, 3d printing house, 3d printing metal, 3d printing fortnight, 3d printing for beginners, new inventions 2018, new inventions 2018 cars, hackrod, 3d printed car, prototype, speedster la bandita, cars, supercars, luxury cars, rich cars, concept cars, lifestyle, hackrod la bandita

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