Hyundai ‘Le Fil Rouge’ concept 2019

This is the Hyundai look feel the response that honey said that translates to a common thread linking back to the brain history but will translate comes up with the red wires, either way, this Low long four-door coupe with a preview of design elements that we can expect to see in all of Hyundai vehicles going forward.
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Hyundai ‘Le Fil Rouge’ concept launched at Geneva auto show 2018
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Hyundai calls the new design language situate sporty equally ridiculous name for us clean that includes a bunch of different design elements things like the new 3D treatment on the cascading grille up front porch light architecture which is basically a single creek that flows from the grille through the headlights across the wheel arches in links back to the tail lights in one flowing line you can see some of those elements integrated into the spacious cabin behind the suicide doors personally I think it looks sort of like an Aston Martin from some angles with the Hyundai grills left on the front.
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fantastic metallic body finishes and digital lamps and grill. Feel like a steal from the best.
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it seems like Aston Martin design, look at the curves and pillars. but its a nice design as a perfect 4 door coupe.
its a kind of incredible interior. look at the nice use of metal and wooden material to make the futuristic design.
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But we’re not here to play the looks like game what’s most important is that we’re going to see a lot of these elements start to show up in the rest of Hyundai lineup in everything from sedans SUVs, in fact, you can already start seeing some of the hands and vehicles now like the upcoming Kona in Nextel fuel cell vehicles and if it means that upcoming Hyundai is going to have some gorgeous good looks to go along with a great value I’m all for it.

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