Kia teases all-new Ceed

SEOUL, Feb 7 — Despite a strong and growing focus on its SUVs, Kia isn’t slacking off as far as its cars are concerned as it’s about to launch an all-new fourth-generation of the Ceed, which has just been teased by the Korean automaker ahead of its full reveal at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Although the teaser image is a drawing and not a photograph, it does give a good idea of a new look for the Ceed that could be attractive enough to renew buyers’ interest in something that’s not a crossover.

The Ceed in its third-generation form was already a very stylish car, and this new generation is possibly more of an evolution than a full-blown revolution of the five-door hatch, but the result is still pretty dramatic. The Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf competitor gets what looks to be an updated version of the current signature Kia grille, as well as sleeker, more modern headlights and a very deeply scalloped and dramatic front bumper.

Although the three-door format of the Ceed is expected to be dropped with the onset of the new fourth-generation, Kia has cryptically suggested: “another member” of the Ceed family will be present at the Geneva Motor Show reveal alongside the new version of the five-door hatch.

It’s purely speculation at this point, but it’s widely believed that refers to a shooting brake estate or wagon version of the new Ceed to be sold alongside the hatchback.

What probably won’t surprise anyone is that as well as the new hatch and potentially an estate, there’s also a Ceed crossover in the pipeline to rival the likes of the Mercedes GLA.

And if anyone thinks referring to the car as the Ceed is a typographical error, Kia has also confirmed that the controversial apostrophe from the middle of the name has now been dispensed with. — AFP-Relaxnews

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