McLaren Concept E-Zero By Daniel Platek

We all know about 1969 McLaren M6GT. The M6GT was the 1960s McLaren street car that never was. Powered by a Chevy V8, it was meant to be the company’s first-ever street car. Alas, the project was shelved after Bruce McLaren’s tragic death. Now, one of the three M6GT prototypes built is for sale.

So, Daniel Platek decided to make the new look of 1969 McLaren M6GT. He started with some sketches.

And he designed the real 3D version of all new McLaren M6GT with a new name McLaren Concept E-Zero.

McLaren Concept E-Zero is a conceptual project of future sports car.

Daniel Platek Said, “The main idea of the project was a stylistic presentation

Of the further vision for the McLaren brand for the coming ten years.

The Aerodynamic and purist form shows the electrification vehicles in the near further.

The car is powered by four electric motors and battery. Which is located in the bottom chassis.

This project is a stylistic excessive of the supercar proportion and McLaren brand design language.

The main body shape and details and inspired by the legendary McLaren M6GT (1969)”

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