New Honda SUV concept 2018

Is the Honda BR-V related to the CR-V or HR-V?

No, Clue are that it’s likely to share elements of its platform with the Honda Brio, a five-door hatchback manufactured in India, Thailand and Indonesia.

Sketch of the current Honda BR-V for representative purpo...

The BR-V will arrange 7 seats in three rows. At present, the CR-V, the largest car in Honda’s UK range, is available with 5 seats only on these shores. It’s about to be joined by the smaller HR-V compact crossover.

Despite the model’s Eastern market focus, the well-resolved styling previewed in the two sketches would no doubt play well in Europe, with broad horizontal light graphics front and rear. Described by Honda as a ‘crossover utility vehicle’, it features the usual soft-roader design tricks of black plastic cladding along the sills and chunky roof rails to make it look taller, coupled with big wheels in bolstered arches. The sketches also suggest generous ground clearance, though the production car’s hatchback roots will likely mean it sits rather lower in reality.

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