Saab Phoenix concept 2

The concept car’s name was chosen at a time when the troubled Saab company had just been sold to Spyker (and liberated from General Motors), ready to rise again, like the mythical bird the phoenix. However, at the time PhoeniX was unveiled, Saab went formally bankrupt, unable to cover their bills.

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The PhoeniX was designed by Jason Castriota as one of his first creations for Saab. The design was inspired by the Saab 92001, but with design cues from nearly every Saab model made. The car uses the platform that was intended for the planned 2013 Saab 9-3 replacement, which was never realized.

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The front suspension is via HiPer Strut while the rear is a linked H-arm set-up.

The car is equipped with the new hybrid all-wheel-drive systems that are being developed in cooperation with American Axle (AAM). The car is also fitted with IQon, an in-car information system that runs a customized version of Google Android.

Image result for saab phoenix concept wallpaper

The PhoeniX was awarded the 2011 Auto Express design award with a landslide victory receiving 30% of the votes, beating Alfa Romeo 4C(2nd) and Jaguar C-X75 (3rd).

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The rights to the PhoeniX platform are 100% owned by Saab, but it uses some parts (less than 10%) that are bought from GM.

Image result for saab phoenix concept wallpaper

Hope you like the design comment below.

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