Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept 2019

Lamborghini Aventador successor set to have first hybrid V12

Just when you think that you have the auto industry all figured out, it still finds a way to make you question what you know. Very few automakers are as good at doing that as Lamborghini, and after bearing witness to the madness that is the Terzo Millennia Concept, I might as well just throw my hands up and admit defeat.

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I don’t know enough to know what Lamborghini knows because, if I did, I would’ve seen the Terzo Millennio Concept coming to a while ago. But nothing prepares you for this kind of presentation, especially when the Italian automaker is involved. You just sit back, be amazed, and try not to piss yourself in the process.

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The narrative surrounding the Terzo Millennio Concept is a pretty straightforward one. The concept is a joint creation by Lamborghini and some smart folks from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was created to showcase the future of the Raging Bull, or rather, the possibilities of what can happen in automotive design and engineering when smart people work together for a common purpose.

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History hasn’t always been kind to this innovative bullishness, but if there’s one automaker that has proven to be adept at bringing state-of-the-art tech to life, no matter how ridiculous they may be, it’s Lamborghini. All that is why the Terzo Millennio Concept is so intriguing beyond the fact that it proudly wears the iconic Sant’Agata Bull badge. The concept may be defined by tech offerings that don’t exist yet, but that’s not to say they can’t happen, especially when Lamborghini’s involved.

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Terzo Millennio (Third Millennium in English) is a futuristic concept car unveiled by Lamborghini, developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and is also the first product of a three-year, £100,000,000 partnership with each other.

Lamborghini is getting ready to replace the Aventador in 2020 and is set to adopt a hybrid variant of its iconic V12 engine. The next-gen Aventador replacement will be one of two 2020 series-production Lamborghinis expected to use electrification; the second will be a plug-in hybrid Urus SUV.


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