2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Gets Closer to Production

The bed bearer has recently been spotted in its home country, but the German automaker still insists on keeping the vehicle covered in heavy camo – Mercedes probably considers the render-teaser it has provided, which you can find in the gallery to your right, should suffice for the time being.

MERCEDES-BENZ has offered a look at the new and revived models it will dynamically take off one year from now with a graphical guide reviewing nine entries in 2017.

As a major aspect of its half-year report, the German auto producer has discharged a 2016 and 2017 ‘proceeded with item hostile’ table that says various new vehicles out of the blue, among a scrambling of already specified apparatus.

The realistic shows that the officially affirmed AMG GT R execution radiance will dispatch in the early piece of one year from now, however, it gives the idea that the forceful two-entryway car will be taken after not long after by a Roadster variant named the GT C.

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However, it’s the elements of the skin that matter. The GLT will share its platform with the new Nissan NP300 Navara, as well as with at least two extra models. We’re talking about the Renault Alaskan truck, as well as about the Navara-based SUV Nissan is currently developing.

The coil spring rear suspension of the architecture is just one of the elements that will allow the GLT to redefine your notion of “workhorse”. You see, while the Volkswagen Amarok was supposed to be the epitome of premium pickup trucks, the Benz will grab that title.

Mercedes is yet to go on record with official model names, yet has already talked about a ‘standard’ adaptation of the lead, and the table proposes that a variant to sit underneath GT S and GT R will arrive first in the convertible frame.

Its car GT C kin will arrive later in 2017 at about an indistinguishable time from a drop-top rendition of the E-Class.

The record caused a buzz in its first form when the guide at first demonstrated a vehicle named the GLA Coupe chalked for 2017 discharge, yet the report was immediately reissued with a ‘GLA facelift’ supplanting the past section.

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Under the hood, Mercedes is expected to introduce it’s four- and six-cylinders units, skipping the Nissan engine line-up, but we can’t be 100 percent certain yet. Speaking of which, we’ll remind you that the Navara comes with a standard six-speed manual and an optional seven-cog automatic.

Alas, the chances for the GLT to make it to the US market are almost zero. The German automaker refrains from entering the successful full-size segment, sticking to the mid-size proposal we see here, as the market is already abounding in choices, with Detroit’s Big Three grabbing most of the clientele.

The likelihood of a roadster rendition of the organization’s littlest SUV has been beforehand raised, however, Mercedes-Benz Australia advertising and item interchanges chief Jerry Stamoulis alleviated any fervor, disclosing to GoAuto that the roofline is as of now “excessively raked” and a car adaptation would not work.

Gossipy tidbits that Mercedes will present car renditions of the minimal SUV won’t bode well for the ebb and flow age but rather hold more water for the second-age form, which could take after an indistinguishable pattern from the organization’s GLC and GLE medium and vast SUV Coupes.

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Mercedes’ initial one-ton ute has been authoritatively affirmed and the report demonstrates an early second half landing, while Australian conveyance is as yet expected the next year.

In the table, the ute is marked as ‘Pickup’ yet the ‘GLT’ is comprehended to be the in all likelihood moniker and ties in with the organization’s as of late supported classification, which goes before all high-rider names with a GL.

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Just an outline of the ute has been discharged at this phase with no different edges notwithstanding the front three-quarter authoritatively on offer, however, the thumbnail picture of the ‘GLT’ in the table is excessively small, making it impossible to gather any new styling subtle elements.

The E-Class All Terrain that was first specified a month ago and will make a big appearance at the Paris engine appear in September is set to touch base before the center of one year from now yet after the following E – Class car, taking the battle to Audi’s A6 Allroad.

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In its present shape, the S-Class extravagance limousine has been around since 2013, yet the expansive vehicle will be dealt with to a facelift about mid-year, as indicated by the arrangement.

A column of the estimate table is devoted to the organization’s Smart minor town auto brand and reviews various electric variations to go live in the last piece of this current year and 2017, however, the line-up was ended in Australia and an arrival is improbable at this stage.

Other than the ute, no business vehicles will touch base one year from now, yet China will get another Vito van before the year is out.

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