5 best Future Car Advance Technologies 2020

Here we are sharing 5 most important and useful technologies will be common in all cars in future almost year 2020.

so let’s start

5. Cars That Communicate with Each Other.

That’s a very interesting feature is coming soon in our cars, that helps to transport safely and timely.

These technologies could transform the way we drive and increase automotive safety dramatically. Good thing car companies and the government are already working to try to make this a reality.

All of this communication and preemptive vehicle assistance leads us into our next future technology.

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4. Self-driving Cars

The idea of a self-driving car isn’t a new idea. Many movies have had the idea and there are already cars on the road that can park themselves.

Although self-driving cars may seem far off, GM has already done its own testing and some people believe that you’ll see some sort of self-driving car in showrooms in the next decade.

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3. Augmented Reality Dashboards

GPS and other in-car displays are great for getting us direction, and some high-end vehicles even have displays on the windshield, but in the near future cars will be able to identify external objects in front of the driver and display information about them on the windshield.

Augmented reality may not be here yet, but if these car companies have their way, we’ll be seeing it in our future cars a little way down the road.

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2. Airbags That Help Stop Cars

Ever since airbags were been added to vehicles, they’ve continued to make their way around the inside of our vehicles. We now have curtain airbags, side airbags, knee airbags, seat belts airbags and even ones that deploy under us.

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With the current evolution of airbags and their pervasiveness within the automotive world, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine future cars using airbags to not only protect passengers but to actually stop cars as well.

1. Energy-storing Body Panels

prediction 2030, half of all new cars coming off the production line will be hybrids. That’s great news for the environment, but one of the problems with hybrids is that the batteries take up a lot of space and are very heavy.

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hybrids have a notable amount of weight from their batteries. That’s where energy-storing body panels come in.

Automotive companies are looking into new ways to make our cars more energy efficient and lightweight.


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