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5 Most Expensive Cars Owned By The Indian IPL Player

1- MS Dhoni

GMC Sierra Price- Rs 70 lakh,  ‘Captain Cool’ on-field and a hot car owner of it, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian cricket mainstay not only has a passion for cars but motorcycles as well. Some of the motorcycles owned by him range from the ultra-rare to high-end luxury ones. The motorcycles in MS Dhoni’s garage include a Ninja ZX-14R, a Ducati 1098, a Yamaha RD 350, the ultra-rare Confederate X132 Hellcat and a list of others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

2- Virat Kohli

Audi R8 V10 LMX-Rs. 2.97  crore

Virat Kohli is young, very young, but has the cricket mind of someone twice his age. His on-field performances speak for themselves and he’s regarded as one of the best players in the world of his generation.
Virat has a huge penchant for cars as well, especially those that are made by Audi. Some of the Audi cars he owns include the Audi S6, the Audi Q7 with a 4.2 Lire Diesel engine, an Audi R8 V10 LMX, and an Audi A8 L W12. Apart from the cars manufactured by Audi, he also owns a Toyota Fortuner 4×4. Kohli is a prime example of what living the men’s lifestyle is all about.

3- Yuvraj Singh

Price-Rs. 3.6 crores

Yuvraj Singh is one of those sports personalities who has a never-give-up attitude. He has the game embedded in his blood. He is a true all-rounder and one of the few people to hit six sixes in a single over. Just like his passion for cricket and his IPL team, Sunrisers Hyderabad, he has a lust for cars as well. The list of cars he owns include the Porsche 911, a Bentley Continental, a Mercedes Benz S-Class, a BMW M3 convertible, a Lamborghini Murcielago, and a host of other cars. His indomitable spirit clearly has paid off and his car collection is an indication of the rewards he has reaped.

4- Suresh Raina


Price-Rs. 89.95 lakh

When Suresh Raina is in the team, it is rare for him to let his Gujarat Lions teammates down as he is one of the most consistent squad players in India. Not to be outdone by the fancy cars of the other players whom he plays alongside, Raina has purchased a Porsche Boxter S.

5-Harbhajan Singh

Price-₹ 72 Lakh

This should come as no surprise as Harbhajan Singh is regarded as one of the best off-spinners of this generation. Along with that moniker, he is downright stylish while displaying what urban street style of dressing is all about.

Singh may not have the most number of cars on this list, but he sure has some that are pure beasts like the Hummer H2. Other cars owned by him include the Mercedes Benz GL Class and a Ford Endeavour.