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Yes! we are talking about Aston Martin's Vantage 2021 The twin-turbo, 503 horsepower grand tourer is now roofless, with all the dynamics of the fixed-roof version and just 130 pounds more weight. An eight-speed ZF automatic transmission delivers power to an electronic differential, and Aston's Dynamic Torque Vectoring along with electronic aids

Puritalia Berlinetta 2019

The Berlinetta, a project that was four years in the making, is the Puritalia experience at its best. A handcrafted, custom-made Italian sports car that offers 965hp thanks to a super-hybrid engine – managed by Artificial Intelligence-based proprietary software – in a Berlinetta style carbon fiber body that offers the ideal

List of Real Graphics Car Games 2019

Time for the Top 10 Popular, Ultimate, Realistic Graphics Car Racing Games and they all are still popular in 2018 because of its gameplay, controlling and difficulties. Can you master them all? Let’s begin the countdown. 1. Forza Motorsport 6 2. F1 2018 3. Project Cars 2 4.Gran Turismo 2018 5. Real Racing 3 6. SHIFT 2 7.

New Toyota GT86 2019

The GT86 is a sports car that’s relatively unique in its sector. Apart from the Subaru BRZ, it’s 99 percent identical to, of course. There are no turbocharger, very little chassis tech and some deliberately skinny tires. It’s primary aim isn’t grip, nor luxury, nor cocooning refinement. Its primary aim