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New Toyota GT86 2019

The GT86 is a sports car that’s relatively unique in its sector. Apart from the Subaru BRZ, it’s 99 percent identical to, of course. There are no turbocharger, very little chassis tech and some deliberately skinny tires. It’s primary aim isn’t grip, nor luxury, nor cocooning refinement. Its primary aim


After Tesla promising a truck along with their semi and startup Rivian nearing production with their truck and SUV, electric trucks are poised to enter the mainstream. Atlis Automotive is previewing their XT full-size truck built on their XP platform. While still in the concept stage, the Atlis is aiming for

Porsche 911 Speedster 2019 Concept

There are a lot of ways to enjoy a Porsche 911 on a race track such as the Circuit de Valencia in Spain, and one of them is by putting the sports coupe through its paces in an acceleration test. Not just any 911, but the new-generation 992 model in the Carrera S flavor. Porsche

The New Lamborghini Huracán Evo 2019 Stunning look

The ITALIAN exotic carmaker, Lamborghini, is on a roll, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. First, they’ve had success with the Lamborghini Urus Sports Utility vehicle, followed by record-breaking production figures – 7,000 units for the Aventadors and 9,000 units for the Huracán in 2017 (   it’s an evolution from the

Old vs New Muscle Cars Drag Racing 50 year challenge

WORLD POWER WHEELSTAND CHAMPIONSHIP Classic muscle or modern?The best of drag racing, Hellcat, Chevy Chevelle, Dodge Charger, Corvette Z06, Camaro SS, Mustang GT, Chevy Nova, Shelby GT500, ZL1 Camaro and more, Top speed, sound, acceleration of muscle cars. Read catchy people comments Older cars will always be cooler than the new ones. Idc how

The 10 most Stylish cars of 2018

The Automobile world may look back in 2018 as a special year for new cars. The past all 12 months have included the launch of the most expensive SUVs, sports car and Sedan. Here are the ten most Stylish cars and SUVs that arrived in this year Toyota Corolla The Japanese carmaker rebrands its

Pogea Racing 4C Centurion007 – THE GREEN ARROW By Daniel Böswald

Pogea Racing 4C Centurion007 - THE GREEN ARROW Photography and Retouching  Photographer: Daniel Böswald (  the client is Pogea Racing 4C Centurion007 - THE GREEN ARROW New modern interior This is next level of photography and design  Perfect lighting and perfect photography  Pogea Racing 4C Centurion 007  it's original of Alfa Romeo 4C  The awesomeness of coloring and Scene

Unreal Engine PORSCHE 911: The Revolution! By Fisher Dai

Today I saw this Artwork which is magnificent and extraordinary. Fisher Dai is the main guy who did that Awesome piece of art. he describes his words In the last year, He has been tossing Unreal Engine to study various technologies and develop various applications. At the same time doing art and programming feel