Ford Mustang GT 2018

FORD HAS not yet fully met the raging demand for the
2017 Mustang in Australia– the second largest Market for the pony car after the US.
But it’s already time to focus on the new 2018 model.
there are two models mustang GT and Bullitt which will me launch in 2019. here we are talking about Bullitt.
First watch this

 Due to arrive in the second half of this year, the next iteration of
the 54-year old muscle-car brand doesn’t mess unnecessarily with the
successful, tire-shredding formula. It just makes it even better.
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There’s more power, more noise, more grip, better handling,
greater comfort and a stack of new technology to keep it all under some
kind of control. Sound good? It is. Better than 2017? No question.
The good news starts with the drivetrains. The 5.0-litre Coyote V8
now has 37kW and 39Nm more than the ’17 car, bringing the total up to
343kW. Those gains were achieved by, among other details, the use of new
higher compression heads plus dual high and low-pressure fuel injection.
The EcoBoost 2.3-litre lump retains the same max power output of 233kW
but gets another 41Nm of torque. This has been wrought from the engine
using an over boost code refined from the Focus RS.
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The really big news, though, is in the gearboxes. Both the V8 and the
turbo-four can now be specced with a 10-speed auto ’box – a relative
of the 10-speeder fitted in the all-conquering F-150 Raptor. This allows
both engines, but especially the smaller unit, to remain smack in the
middle of peak performance.
Image result for ford mustang bullitt 2019
There is also a six-speed manual
option on both cars that’s been reworked to handle the extra torque.
On the V8 cars, it now includes a twin disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel.
Both help smooth the clutch action.Ford looked at, but resisted, the idea of
add auto rev-matching to the manual.
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It isn’t ruling it out for a posterior dummy. In the chassis bureau the
across-the-frequent hed are revised shaggy for better trot sort
and stiffer rear stabilizer tavern and delay to sharpen up the
steering and contraction answer. But there is special interest in the
facultative Performance Pack motor, which now pumps on Shelby GT350-
call MagneRide prompt interruption.
Related image
As all Australian Mustangs generally, have the Performance Pack
features meet as a test, it’s merit goods a finisher look at what else is in
this proffering. All the chassis systems – ABS, ESC and piezoelectric steering
have been returned.
Image result for ford mustang bullitt 2019
It includes bigger, six-plunger Brembo brake system, a bigger
radiator and front pendency K tension, actual a Torsen limited-slip diff and
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tire. there is also a Performance Pack
2 conversion, which will be available in the US later in 2018, which features.
Image result for ford mustang bullitt 2019

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