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Gary Guo Designed OPEL XT Concept

welcome back to Redx cars today i saw this …yeah!

Gary Guo designed OPEL XT Concept 2030

lets start with beginning.

concept sketching

this car will open from middle. which is very unique point of this concept.

its nice in color and nice shape totally good in design.

This Opel XT concept is divided into three different sections. the black part of the front, instead of the engine is equipped with a battery.

white part is the rear, wide and large rear design provides a good trunk space.

the middle part with red dots. is a flexible material. the material on the this concept is very guarantees the car after

extend, Still has smooth line and surfaces.

Exterior design is more smart and stylish


Industrial Designer Gary Guo made this Opel Electric futuristic automobile in new level.

with large interior space, Seat will be adjustable as per situationally. Drive mode and Park mode. stretchable seats and it will rotate.

three body parts with different body materials.


carbon fiber body parts which is more lighter and more stronger then any other material. And looks too good.

artistic body sharp, I really like theGary Guo Opel design. and best part is as a Industrial design he did represent very well.

Fine digital painting, Best highlights and reflection on the car body.

he is trying to say there are two modes in this car City mode and Intercity mode.

In the city mode car become shorter, its easier to drive and park, you can also drive by yourself and enjoy exploring the city. As well as car will extend longer, make sure that you can get enough space to take a rest on the boring high way.

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