Launched Rezvani’s Superb Jeep; Bomb will not even be a gun

California’s Rezvani company has come up with a magnificent Jeep Rezvani tank. This is a B7 level bullet-proof jeep. There is a 707 HP HELLCAT V8 engine and some superb protecting features, with thermal night vision. The man running this jeep with the help of these features could return the good shot even in the heavy fire. Because this jeep is no less than a tank.

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Rezvani Tank Military Edition is inspired by a military vehicle that has its name. The only difference is in tires only. This car contains all the great features that were not used before in any civilian vehicle. The car is equipped with a dead-bolt magnet and the electric handle is on the doors. This gives the traveller maximum security.

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This car is a bulletproof and a big gun cannot distinguish its hair. Even the assault rifle also failed ahead of it. It has radiators, batteries and fuel tanks which are wrapped in a strong kevlar to prevent the explosion. Because of this, no gun can distinguish this car.

Image result for Rezvani's Superb JeepHowever, the list of defensive features does not end here. This car also has blinding lights that make the day in the night.

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There is a full intercom system in this car in which the speakers are out. The microphone takes the driver out of danger. For this, it does not need to open the window or door too.

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