New Technology In Cars 2019

Electronic Sun Visor if you journey east in the morning and west in the night Sun visors never hit the mark. We have taped pieces of paper that were in an attempt. An electronic glare system using a matrix is being developed by A research project at Volkswagen. A sensor which determines the driver both feed’s eye and A sunlight status detector signals into the computer, which computes the point of sun entrance within the angle of the driver’s eyes. The computer generates a spot in the glass matrix to block sunlight. The place moves across the windshield as the vehicle changes direction.

It’d be a large improvement over the sun visor if and once it’s implemented although the technology does not allow to be used on all glass. A pc darkens a portion of the windshield to offer the driver a sunblock and calculates where the sun would reach the driver’s eyes. Family Tech Are we there yet? It is. VW’s kid navigation system is basically A rear DVD screen with means of a simplified representation of the road, plus special descriptions of scenes along the road. A time worm to the screen eats away at the duration of the route, so the kids may see it decreasing.

A cartoon character to screen plays games and asks the kids to do in-seat exercises and even goes to sleep when the children are napping. Got children that still need the kid’s seat? VW showed a special power seat the mounts into the second row. The system is controlled by the driver, who can lift the seat so a young kid can see throughout the windshield, or fold it back flat for naptime. Also, the seat can swivel out, which makes it simpler for any parent to lift the kid in and out from the car. Cool. A special seat back provides a child-friendly navigation system and a footrest for tiny legs.

Traffic Decongestion The freeway you drive every day suddenly runs along a lane because of an accident, how frustrating. The vehicles in the blocked lane have to move over. So that they unavoidably cause a downturn in traffic in all the other lanes. But is that downturn really inevitable? The German government is promoting an auto Industry initiative called ACTIV, intended into spur use of technologies for traffic management and lead eventually into automatic guidance. As one of its contributions, Volkswagen’s engineers produced means of a study which shows how to free the growlers of having traffic vehicles speed up at exactly the right time.

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