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Toyota Supra 2020 is a proper sports car

After years of rumors, whispers and a whole lot of anticipation, we’ve finally been given the green light to say it: Supra is back.

The all-new 2020 GR Supra is no mere sports car—it’s our purest expression of performance, designed to allow driver, car and road to becoming one.

Beautifully balanced, and even more beautiful to look at, the GR Supra is set to define the next generation of performance.

That the fifth-generation Supra is a proper sports car, however, lies in clear relief against the uncertainty of a few details.

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We drove the car at Summit Point Motorsports Park’s Shenandoah Circuit in West Virginia, asking much of its chassis, brakes, and powertrain over a day of merciless lapping.

Those laps reveal that battles were won by the right people during development and that Toyota is once again taking the sports car seriously.

With its sensuous bodywork, athletic stance and expressive, jewel-like LED headlights, the 2020 GR Supra is a stunning work of art.

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But it’s the science behind the design that makes this car a true masterpiece. Up front, its wide grille is designed to channel cool air directly to the turbocharged engine, helping optimize performance.

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Up top, its “double-bubble” roof adds space inside while reducing aerodynamic drag outside. And its flared rear spoiler does more than making a dramatic statement—it helps reduce body lift and helps keep Supra planted when running at speed.

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