Old vs New Muscle Cars Drag Racing 50 year challenge


Classic muscle or modern?The best of drag racing, Hellcat, Chevy Chevelle, Dodge Charger, Corvette Z06, Camaro SS, Mustang GT, Chevy Nova, Shelby GT500, ZL1 Camaro and more, Top speed, sound, acceleration of muscle cars.

Read catchy people comments
Older cars will always be cooler than the new ones. Idc how fast they go.

The title should be: “Computers vs no computers”

New muscle car: Someday I’m gonna surpass you old man! I’m faster than you’ll ever be! Old muscle car: You may be faster than my kid, but your not as classic or as iconic as I was
You mean true American steel vs cheap computerized Asian influenced plastic tin.
Teens now a.days: I want A Ferrari a Lamborghini and a Bugatti Chiron Me: I want a 1970 supercharged Mustang / Dodge charger or a corvette stingray

Hellcat acceleration is insane
Like father, like son.


55 thoughts on “Old vs New Muscle Cars Drag Racing 50 year challenge

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