Unreal Engine PORSCHE 911: The Revolution! By Fisher Dai

Today I saw this Artwork which is magnificent and extraordinary.
Fisher Dai is the main guy who did that Awesome piece of art.
he describes his words
In the last year, He has been tossing Unreal Engine to study various technologies and develop various applications. At the same time doing art and programming feel very sour.
Once he had a colleague chat and talked about the limitation of Unreal Engine’s visual quality, so He was curious: If He doesn’t consider the limitations of the performance of the interactive APPs, He doesn’t consider all kinds of customer requests but just tries to be as strong as possible. The Unreal Engine Art effect, then where can he go on this road, and how much potential can Unreal have to dig?
All pictures and videos are directly output by Unreal Engine, without any PHOTOSHOP/AE/NUKE processing. The authentic REAL TIME performance can be directly operated interactively after optimization.
The project started before the Chinese new year, and by mid-May, it took me about four or five months of leisure time.
During this process, He thanks my wife indefinitely, She gives him time, gives him support, gives him various amendments, and encourage him to do his best.
Also thanks to Hartmut the 32, he also gave him a lot of valuable amendments, such as the font in the video is his choice.
The last and most important thing to thank is Fang Xiang. Without his model, he does is nothing. (he’s going to do the interior version right away)
How they made it in 3D modeling, rigging, lighting and effects.
 Look at perfect 3D Modeling work by Fang Xiang
Awesome lighting which blows your mind.
Interior too.
Modeling:Fang Xiang
Art Direction:Fisher Dai
Shading:Fisher Dai
Lighting:Fisher Dai
Animation:Fisher Dai
Blueprint Visual Scrpting:Fisher Dai
Real-Time Rendering:Fisher Dai
Film Editing:Fisher Dai
Hope you like it.

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